Figure 3 : Representations in the object DNN correlated with emerging visual representations in the human brain in an ordered fashion.

From: Comparison of deep neural networks to spatio-temporal cortical dynamics of human visual object recognition reveals hierarchical correspondence

Figure 3

(a) Time courses with which representational similarity in the brain and layers of the deep object network emerged. Color-coded lines above data curves indicate significant time points (n = 15, cluster definition threshold P = 0.05, cluster threshold P = 0.05 Bonferroni-corrected for 8 layers; for onset and peak latencies see Suppl. Table 2). Gray vertical line indicates image onset. (b) Overall peak latency of time courses increased with layer number (n = 15, R = 0.35, P = 0.0007, sign permutation test). Error bars indicate standard error of the mean determined by 10,000 bootstrap samples of the participant pool.