Figure 6 : Comparing IVA with current optimal protocols for each cloning procedure.

From: IVA cloning: A single-tube universal cloning system exploiting bacterial In Vivo Assembly

Figure 6

Optimal methods for each type of cloning procedure have been selected (orange) for comparison with IVA (green). Labour time and requirements are shown for each example, with the universal IVA protocol significantly outperforming all methods, becoming the best option for all procedures. Of special importance are multisite applications (‘Complex Procedures’), where IVA halves the time required by the next best method and eliminates costs associated with enzymatic assembly and DNA. Furthermore, the IVA multi-site protocol surpasses optimal methods for performing single modifications (‘Simple Procedures’). All protocols require transformation into E. coli (grey). Contrasting with other methods, IVA only requires DpnI (‘Requirements’). (Phos.  =  phosphorylated).