Figure 5 : Both AICAR and rapamycin treatments counteract C2C12 myotube atrophy induced by C26 conditioned medium.

From: Aerobic Exercise and Pharmacological Treatments Counteract Cachexia by Modulating Autophagy in Colon Cancer

Figure 5

(a) Representative immunostaining for myosin heavy chain on C2C12 myotubes cultured for 48 hours in the absence (CTR) or presence of C26-conditioned medium (C26), in the absence (—) or presence of 1 milliM AICAR, or 500 nanoM rapamycin, without (−CQ) or with (+CQ) 50 microM chloroquine. Scale bar = 20 microns. (b) Quantification of C2C12 myotube diameters in all the aforementioned conditions. n = 5. $p < 0.0001vs -CQ; **p < 0.001; ***p < 0.0001.