Table 1 Measurements (mm) of QM F57925, left maxillary fragment of Malleodectes mirabilis from AL90 Site.

From: A new family of bizarre durophagous carnivorous marsupials from Miocene deposits in the Riversleigh World Heritage Area, northwestern Queensland

Tooth dP3 P3 M1 M2 M3 *
Max length 4.51 6.65 5.03 4.63 ~4.68
Max width 4.30 5.38 4.61 4.62 >4.55
  1. *Measurements for M3 are based on estimates of minimal size determined on the basis of the alveoli for this tooth.
  2. Length C1 to post. edge of M3 alveolus: 26.23 mm; length P1 to M2, 20.54 mm.