Table 4: OCCCs and confidence intervals (CI) of inter-rater reliability of BS measurements (Best 5 vs. Worst 5, for complete overview see Supplementary Table S10).

From: Reliability of 3D laser-based anthropometry and comparison with classical anthropometry

TraitOCCC95%-CI of OCCC
Calf girth0.9990.9980.999
Buttock girth0.9990.9970.999
Neck height0.9980.9970.999
Body height0.9980.9960.999
Scapula height0.9980.9960.999
Upper torso torsion0.6950.5400.805
Shoulder angle0.6510.4510.788
Distance buttock to vertical0.6430.3650.816
Shoulder width0.5480.1280.801
Neck height front0.458-0.3230.868