Table 3: OCCCs and confidence intervals (CI) of intra-rater reliability of BS measurements (Best 5 vs. Worst 5, for complete overview see Supplementary Table S7).

From: Reliability of 3D laser-based anthropometry and comparison with classical anthropometry

TraitOCCC95%-CI of OCCC
Calf girth0.9990.9980.999
Neck height0.9980.9970.999
Minimum leg girth0.9970.9930.998
Body height0.9970.9900.999
Scapula height0.9970.9890.999
Distance waistband high hip back0.6830.4620.825
Across front width0.6740.4780.806
Shoulder angle0.6280.3920.786
Side upper torso length0.5590.3150.734
Shoulder width0.3530.0350.605