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Figure 3

From: A persistent northern boundary of Indian Summer Monsoon precipitation over Central Asia during the Holocene

Figure 3

Mineralogical similarity of lacustrine sediments to sediment sources.

Surface and core sample locations are shown in the center of the figure. (a) Membership degrees of lake surface samples to mineralogical cluster C1 to C4. Lake sketch indicates the position (circle) and membership degree (circle size) of individual samples to cluster center C1 to C4. Histograms indicate the total number (n) of lake surface samples in membership classes (μ with 0.2 bin) to a respective cluster center. (b) Membership degrees of core samples to mineralogical cluster C1 to C4. Sample memberships are plotted against depth in a sediment core. Maps were created using ArcGIS 10.1 ( and Adobe Illustrator CS 4 (

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