Table 1: Characterization of each discriminant function using the different elemental denominations.

From: Use of handheld X-ray fluorescence as a non-invasive method to distinguish between Asian and African elephant tusks

Ratio of each elementValid data1 (%)Eigen valueNumber of ratios usedSuccessive discrimination (%)
No ratio100.01.2971187.5
To Zr97.41.045887.6
To P100.00.6181284.9
To Ag82.00.9141285.9
To Cd93.70.8091385.5
To Sn87.80.7251484.1
To Sb87.80.6841283.8
  1. (P = phosphorous, Zr = zirconium, Ag = silver, Cd = cadmium, Sn = tin, Sb = antimony).
  2. 1Accepted data for entering into discriminant analysis.
  3. 2Ratios of Zr, P, Ag, Cd, Sn and Sb were pooled before analyzing through discriminant analysis.