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Figure 3

From: Reduced costs of reproduction in females mediate a shift from a male-biased to a female-biased lifespan in humans

Figure 3

The number of years lived after the end of the potential reproductive period (age 55 years) related to the number of children born.

Curves represent females (red) and males (blue) that reproduced and were born between 1820 and 1920. The raw data are grouped here for visual purposes only while analyses (see main text) are performed on ungrouped data and account for a number of fixed and random effects. Points with associated SE refer to grouped averages for all individuals of each sex at each parity. For ease of illustration, individuals are grouped at high parities into categories with 15–21 children and 22–65 children (only males, plotted at value 25 on the x-axis). Lines represent the best fit from third order polynomial regressions weighted by the sample size in each group (sample sizes range from 282 to 7264).

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