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Figure 1

From: Bidens pilosa and its active compound inhibit adipogenesis and lipid accumulation via down-modulation of the C/EBP and PPARγ pathways

Figure 1

Changes in food consumption, water intake, body weight and fat tissues in male ob/ob mice fed with B. pilosa.

(a) Three groups of 5-week-old mice fed with standard diet and standard diet containing 0.5% B. pilosa extract (BP) and 2.5% BP for 5 weeks. Food intake, water intake and body weight were monitored weekly for 5 weeks. (b,c) The 10-week-old mice (b) and their adipose tissues (c) were photographed and weighed. Brown (BAT), subcutaneous (SAT) and visceral (VAT) adipose tissues are indicated. The mouse number (n) per group is indicated. ANOVA was used to compare the difference between control and treatment groups and P ≥ 0.05 (NS) and P < 0.05 (*) are shown.

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