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Figure 4

From: The γH2AX DNA damage assay from a drop of blood

Figure 4

DNA damage in PBMCs obtained by BDM and irradiated in the micro-hematocrit tube.

(a) Representative examples (Z-stacks) of CD3+ T cells of non-irradiated (Co) and irradiated (2 Gy) cells. Blood smears were prepared 60 min after irradiation on slides and air-dried. Staining for CD3 (red surface marker) and γH2AX (green) occurred immediately thereafter (1 hour samples) or 7 days or 4 weeks later with slides stored at room temperature in the dark. (b) Quantification of γH2AX foci in specimens stained 1 h or 7 days after immobilization on slides. γH2AX foci were visually counted. (c) γH2AX foci intensity was measured by integrated signal quantification. Imaging was performed by LSM.

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