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Figure 3

From: Experimental demonstration of topological effects in bianisotropic metamaterials

Figure 3

Experimental system and the observation of topological edge modes.

(a) Photograph of the fabricated metacrystal with the location of the double-bend domain wall indicated by the white dashed line. (b) Transmission spectra of the metacrystal away from the domain wall (blue line - the dipoles locations are indicated by red circles on the panel (a) and along the domain wall (red line- the dipoles locations are indicated by green circles on the panel (a). (c) Two-dimensional map of the magnetic field intensity indicating reflection-less propagation along the domain wall. (d) Normalized magnetic field intensity along the domain wall measured for different frequencies (8.9 GHz - blue line; 8.95 GHz - green line; 8.987 GHz - red line) within the topological band gap.

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