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Figure 1

From: Experimental demonstration of topological effects in bianisotropic metamaterials

Figure 1

Structure and eigenmodes of the bianisotropic metamolecules and a metacrystal.

(a) Geometry of the metamolecules with bianisotropic response controllable by the asymmetry of and gaps. The radius (r), length of the wire (l) and periods (Px, Py) are equal to 2.85 mm, 0.5 mm, 7.5 mm, 13 mm and 12 mm respectively. Metal width for the central wire and split ring wires is 1 mm and 0.5 mm, respectively. (b) Dipolar magnetic (top subplot) and dipolar electric (bottom panel) eigenmodes of the symmetric metamolecule . (c) Perspective view of the two-dimensional metacrystal formed by periodic stacking of the metamolecules. (d) Photonic band structure of the metacrystal with and without bianisotropy shown by red and green markers, respectively. An inset shows the first Brillouin zone and the high symmetry points. The right sub-image shows an enlarged region near the topological band gap. The yellow shaded area illustrates the spectral width of the gap and two blue lines indicate the position of the complete band gap region. The substrate with the permittivity is taken into account. The position of the light line is marked by thin black dashed (on the left subplot) and solid (on the right subplot) lines.

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