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Figure 3

From: Autoimmune Responses to Soluble Aggregates of Amyloidogenic Proteins Involved in Neurodegenerative Diseases: Overlapping Aggregation Prone and Autoimmunogenic regions

Figure 3

Additional examples of overlap between aggregation prone and T-cell autoimmune epitope regions in human amyloidogenic proteins are presented.

This figure is prepared in the same way as the Fig. 2, except that the T-cell autoimmune epitope shown here are the strongly predicted ones. (a) Human α-Synuclein. Structural information is from the PDB entry 1XQ8. This structure is for the micelle bound form of α-Synuclein. In the unbound form, it is an intrinsically disordered protein. (b) Human β2-microglobulin. Structural information is from the PDB entry 2D4F. (c) Human Cystatin C. The structural information is from the PDB entry 1TIJ chains A and B. This PDB entry contains domain swapped form of Cystatin C dimer. Both the chains are shown here in yellow and blue ribbons.

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