Figure 1 : Illustration and characterization of the symmetric-contact SWCNT p-i-n diode.

From: Carbon nanotube intramolecular p-i-n junction diodes with symmetric and asymmetric contacts

Figure 1

(a) Raman spectrum of the SWCNTs measured using a 532-nm laser as the excitation source. The inset shows the radial breathing mode of the SWCNTs in the low-frequency region. (b) Schematic diagram of the Au/Au contacted p-i-n SWCNT device. The length of each section (p, i, n) of the SWCNT was about 650 nm. The OA doped the left side of SWCNT to p-type. The PEI doped the right side of SWCNT to n-type. The middle area was protected by PMMA and kept intrinsic. (c) SEM image of the Au/SWCNT/Au device. The SWCNT channel length was ~2 μm.