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Figure 4

From: Identifying protective Streptococcus pyogenes vaccine antigens recognized by both B and T cells in human adults and children

Figure 4

Screening of antigen specific IFNγ release in human PBMCs.

IFNγ measured by ELISA in 7 day culture supernatants of stimulated PBMCs. (A) Pre-screen of the 21 different recombinant antigens in a smaller panel of adults (n = 18). Responder cut-off was set at 100 pg/ml. Gray marking indicate antigens with median responses over 500 pg/ml or over five responders. Five immunogenic antigens from this experiment plus a negative control were selected for further screening (marked by ‘*’). (B) Selected antigens were screened in an additional 13 adult donors (total n = 32) as well as (C) school aged children from 5–15 years (n = 28). Responses for spy1801 have been reported for this donor panel in another publication21. CMI; Cellular Mediated Immunity.

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