Figure 5 : The western diet does not exacerbate dystrophic neurites in B6.APBTg mice.

From: Chronic consumption of a western diet induces robust glial activation in aging mice and in a mouse model of Alzheimer’s disease

Figure 5

(A,B) Assessment of neurofilament (NF, green) shows no significant accumulation of dystrophic neurites (swollen segments of axons, arrows) in either B6 mice fed a control (A) or western diet (B). (C,D) The number of dystrophic neurites surrounding plaques (shown here by IBA1+ cell clusters, red) were not significantly different between diets. Fewer than 5 dystrophic neurites were observed around each of at least six plaques per section per six B6.APBTg mice fed a western diet or control chow. Scale bars: 160 μm.