Figure 4 : Small but significant changes in neuron number in response to diet in B6 or B6.APBTg mice.

From: Chronic consumption of a western diet induces robust glial activation in aging mice and in a mouse model of Alzheimer’s disease

Figure 4

(A–E) The number of neurons (NeuN+, green) in the entorhinal cortex of B6 mice fed a western diet (B) show a significant decrease compared to mice fed a control diet (P = 0.0101) as well as a significant loss in B6.APBTg (D) compared to B6 control mice (A) (P = 0.0242, n = 5, E). No further decreases are seen in B6.APBTg fed either a western diet (D) or a control diet (C,E) (P = 0.4, n = 5). (F) Similarly, no significant difference was seen in the number of CA1 hippocampal neurons in B6 or B6.APBTg mice fed either a western diet or control diet (P = 0.74, n = 5). Scale bars: 160 μm.