Table 4: Comparison of association status of SUA associated variants in healthy subjects and T2DM subjects.

From: Genome wide association study of uric acid in Indian population and interaction of identified variants with Type 2 diabetes

Al/A2Healthy IndividualsT2DM 
Effect size (95% CI)p-valueMAF
Effect size (95% CI)p-valueCohen’s d
rs1689097949922167SLC2A9A/G0.24−16.01 (−19.61–−12.41)2.62 × 10−180.23−23.20 (−32.58–−13.81)1.27 × 10−6−2.74
rs73726749934744SLC2A9A/C0.27−14.45 (−17.91–−10.99)2.71 × 10−160.27−22.62 (−31.56–−13.68)7.07 × 10−7−3.26
rs2231142489052323ABCG2A/C0.0815.75 (10.01–21.50)7.82 × 10−80.0822.83 (8.19–37.47)2.23 × 10−31.71
  1. Association results presented in healthy individuals denote meta-analysis of 4,834 individuals from discovery and validation phase. Association results presented in T2DM subjects were presented for 1,077 diabetic individuals. Effect size was calculated with respect to the minor alleles. p-value shown here is obtained after meta-analysis of samples in discovery phase and replication phase. Cohen’s d was calculated as the ratio of mean difference of effect size between T2DM and healthy subject and pooled variance. Cohen’s d (d) value was calculated to compare the effect size. Cohen’s d was calculated as the ratio of difference of effect size between T2DM and normoglycemic divided by pooled variance of the two effect sizes. Chromosomal positions of SNPs are based on National Center for Biotechnology Information genome build 37.
  2. CHR: chromosome; BP: Base pair position; MAF: Minor allele frequency.