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Figure 3

From: Giant absorption of light by molecular vibrations on a chip

Figure 3

Transition from ballistic to diffusive ‘Slow light’ propagation in a guide due to the diffusion by NMA molecules.

(a) Measured absorbance of a pure NMA and the corresponding calculated κ; (b) Calculated transmittance in the ballistic regime with pure NMA; (c) Calculated refractive index profile n(x,y) for TE polarization of the waveguide using COMSOL Multiphysics 4.3b, photon ballistic pathlength L and photon elastic scattering mean-trajectory are shown schematically; (d) Schematic showing the ballistic (yellow arrows) and diffusive (red arrows) pathways of NIR photons in the waveguide (substrate region is not shown for simplicity) with organic molecules adsorbed to the surface. The blue curve describes the electric field intensity spatial distribution of the fundamental mode in a guide .

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