Figure 5: Swelling and self-healing of collagen. | Scientific Reports

Figure 5: Swelling and self-healing of collagen.

From: Self-healing Characteristics of Collagen Coatings with Respect to Surface Abrasion

Figure 5

(a) Schematic of the swelling process of collagen structure consisting of fibers and fibrils. (b) SEM images of the collagen fiber before and after swelling due to water. (c) Schematic of the self-healing mechanism of a freeze-dried collagen coating with respect to a wear scar formed on the surface. State of ball sliding against the collagen coating; Wear scar formed on the surface in the form of fiber compression; Water dropped on the wear scar region; Water introduced to the wear scar region causes self-healing due to fiber swelling effect; Water spread to the surrounding region causes contraction of the coating due to capillary effect; After drying the coating becomes thinner and denser with improved mechanical properties.

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