Figure 2: Characteristic features of select Provinces. | Scientific Reports

Figure 2: Characteristic features of select Provinces.

From: New multi-scale perspectives on the stromatolites of Shark Bay, Western Australia

Figure 2

Column 1 shows (0.5 m) depth contours extracted from the bathymetry map (Fig. 1, boxes outlined in black); see text for discussion of physiography. Representative structures for each Province, shown in columns 2 and 3, are as follows: Spaven – elongate nested stromatolites; Booldah – bands of seif stromatolites; Carbla – massive composite and segmented structures with abundant macroalgae; Flagpole – classic individual and merged columns. Column 2 shows an example of sub-centimeter scale 2D imagery collected via UAV platform and processed using Fluid Lensing (see methods). Field photos in column 3 show characteristic structures with relief as follows: a3 ~ 40 cm; b3 20–30 cm; c3 ~ 1 m; d3 30–40 cm. See also Supplementary Fig. S2 for additional provinces.

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