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Figure 4

From: Novel Osteogenic Ti-6Al-4V Device For Restoration Of Dental Function In Patients With Large Bone Deficiencies: Design, Development And Implementation

Figure 4

MicroCT analysis of endosteal wrap implants shows bone growth over 6 weeks.

Wrap implants were designed and manufactured (A) for implantation around rabbit tibias ((B), with the red line indicating cross sections for microCT analysis). MicroCT scans of the entire implant (C) and cross sections were taken after 1, 3 and 6 weeks after implantation (D). Reconstructed scans (E) were used for analysis of bone-to-implant contact (F). Scale bars represent 1 mm. One-way ANOVA was performed with Bonferroni’s correction, p < 0.05, *vs. 1 week, # vs. 3 weeks.

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