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Figure 8

From: Noise Reduction in Complex Biological Switches

Figure 8

Complexity confers switching networks robustness to extrinsic noise.

Extrinsic noise was analyzed by varying the reaction rates of each basal model. (A) The extent of 250 reaction rate variations was quantified using the metric in Ref. 49. Variations in network behavior were assessed in comparison to the behavior of the default parameterization, in which all reaction rates are set equal to 1, by simulating the networks under hysteresis harnesses, as in Fig. 7. As before, the variation was quantified using the summed Wasserstein metric (see Appendix S5 for details). (B) The network robustness to extrinsic noise is summarized by the mean (circles) and standard deviation (error bars) of the quantifications in (A).

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