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Figure 7

From: The Citrus transcription factor, CitERF13, regulates citric acid accumulation via a protein-protein interaction with the vacuolar proton pump, CitVHA-c4

Figure 7

Transient overexpression of AtERF017 and CitERF13 in Arabidopsis leaves.

CS848548 is a mutant for AtVHA-c4 and was obtained from TAIR. (a,b) Citric acid was analyzed at 3 d after infiltration, with three biological replicates. The statistical significance of differences was calculated using Student’s t-test. Asterisks *indicate significant differences (p < 0.05), double asterisks **indicate significant differences (p < 0.01). (c) AtVHA-c4 mRNA abundance in wild type and CS848548. AtERF017 and CitERF13 gene was driven by the CaMV 35S promoter. SK represents empty vector.

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