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Figure 4

From: The Citrus transcription factor, CitERF13, regulates citric acid accumulation via a protein-protein interaction with the vacuolar proton pump, CitVHA-c4

Figure 4

In vivo interaction between CitERF13 and CitVHA-c4, using BiFC.

BiFC analysis for interaction between CitERF13 and CitVHA-c4. N- and C-terminal fragments of YFP (YFPN and YFPC) were fused to the C terminus of CitERF13 and CitVHA-c4, respectively. Combination of YFPC or YFPN with corresponding CitERF13 or CitVHA-c4 constructs were used as negative controls. Fluorescence of YFP represents protein-protein interaction. The bars indicated the length of 50 μm.

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