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Figure 3

From: The Citrus transcription factor, CitERF13, regulates citric acid accumulation via a protein-protein interaction with the vacuolar proton pump, CitVHA-c4

Figure 3

Yeast two-hybrid assays show that AtERF017 interacts with AtVHA-c4 and CitERF13 interacts with CitVHA-c4.

AtERF017 and AtVHA-c4 are homologs of CitERF13 and CitVHA-c4 in Arabidopsis. Liquid cultures of double transformants are plated at OD600 = 0.1 dilutions of the cultures on synthetic dropout selective medium: (1) SD medium lacks Trp and Leu (DDO); (2) SD medium lacks Trp, Leu, His and Ade (QDO); (3) SD medium lacks Trp, Leu, His, Ade and was supplemented with 10 mM 3-amino-1,2,4-triazole (QDO+3AT). Protein-protein interactions were determined on QDO and QDO + 3AT. pOst1-NubI, positive control; pPR3-N, negative control.

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