Table 1 Simulation parameters and their standard nominal values.

From: Improving sodium laser guide star brightness by polarization switching

Variable name (Symbol) Standard value
Atomic, atmospheric and mesospheric parameters
 Geomagnetic field in mesosphere (B) 0.22750 G
 Average mesospheric temperature (TNa) 185 K
 Na beam dwell velocity (vγ) 38 m/s
 Beam atom exchange rate (γex) 1/(6.0 ms)
 Na–N2 v.c.c. cross section (σNa−N2) 0.72 ×  0−14 cm2
 Na–O2 v.c.c. cross section (σNa−O2) 0.70 × 10−14  cm2
 Weighted v.c.c. rate (γvcc) 1/(35 μs)
 Na–O2 spin exchange cross sect. at TNaSNa−O2) 0.50 × 10−14 cm2
 Weighted spin-exchange rate at TNaS) 1/(245 μs)
 Recoil frequency Shift of sodium atoms (ΩNaRecoil) 50 kHz
Laser parameters
 Launched laser power in air (P) 20 W
 Central D2 vacuum wavelength (λ) 589.159 nm
 Laser FWHM linewidth (Δf) <5 MHz
 Repumping power fraction (q) 0.1
 Repumping frequency offset (Δfab) 1.7178 GHz