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Figure 9

From: Identification of two novel Chlorotoxin derivatives CA4 and CTX-23 with chemotherapeutic and anti-angiogenic potential

Figure 9

Stability and functional activity of CTX and its derivatives CA4 and CTX-23.

(A) Representative images of human U251 glioma cell migration monitored at the beginning (0 h)and after 48 hours (48 h) after treatment with pre-incubated CTX peptides in DMEM for 24 hours (CTX24hi) and 48 hours (CTX48hi) as well as CTX peptides incubated in serum for 24 hours (CTX24hi) and 48 hours (CTX48hi). (B) Quantification of glioma cell migration after medium (DMEM containing 10% serum) or serum pre-incubated scorpion toxin peptide application (CTX, CTX-23 and CA4) at 24 hr and 48 hours. Quantitative values are given as delta distances from the initial distance at 0 hr. Means are given as ± SD, n = XX per group, *P < 0.05 (Student’s unpaired t-test). Scale bar represents 500 μm.

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