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Figure 4

From: Weak value amplification: a view from quantum estimation theory that highlights what it is and what isn’t

Figure 4

Reduction of the probability of error using a weak value amplification scheme.

(a) Minimum probability of error as a function of the photon number N that leaves the interferometer. The two points highlighted corresponds to N = 106, which yields Perror = 1.3 × 10−1 and N = 107, which yields Perror = 9.3 × 10−5. (b) Number of photons (Nout) after projection in the polarisation state , as a function of the angle θ. The input number of photons is N = 107. The dot corresponds to the point Nout = 106 and θ = 53.2°. Pulse width: T0 = 1 ps; temporal delay: τ = 1 as.

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