Table 1 The numbers of MITEs detected in the rice genome using detectMITE, MITE-Hunter, MITE Digger and RSPB respectively.

From: detectMITE: A novel approach to detect miniature inverted repeat transposable elements in genomes

Program Processing Time Number of MITE Sequences Number of MITE Families
detectMITE 10.79 hrs* 35,969 4,790
MITE-Hunter 28.01 hrs* / 631
MITE Digger a 15.44 hrs / 332
RSPB b / 179,415 497
  1. *All tests were conducted using an Ubuntu 12.04 (precise) 64-bit computer with Intel Xeon (2.00 GHz) processors, 4 CPU cores and 128 GB RAM.
  2. aThe result is obtained from the publication of MITE Digger28.
  3. bThe result is obtained from P-MITE database29. Among 179415 MITEs reported by PSPB, only 56391 (i.e., 31.4%) were labeled as complete sequences that were supposed to have complete terminal inverted repeats, whereas the others were labeled as partial sequences29.