Figure 1 : Ru/Al reactive multilayers serve as a model material to integrate both maximum energy density and ductility.

From: Ru/Al Multilayers Integrate Maximum Energy Density and Ductility for Reactive Materials

Figure 1

(a) Principle schematic of reactive foils. The self-propagating reaction (A + B → AB) is locally ignited at the left side and moves under heat release to the right. (b) Ashby map to select a B2 compound-forming material system with an optimal combination of maximal stored energy and compound ductility. The anisotropy A−0.5, where A denotes the anisotropy factor of the compound, is plotted against its Poisson’s ratio. The circular dotted line is a guide to the eye and denotes the region where the recently discovered ductile intermetallics cluster. The size of the bubble for every compound is proportional to its maximal stored energy. The Ru/Al system shows a substantially improved trade-off between stored energy and compound ductility compared with studied systems thus far.