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Figure 3

From: A gigantic new dinosaur from Argentina and the evolution of the sauropod hind foot

Figure 3

Comparison of anterior caudal vertebrae of Notocolossus gonzalezparejasi.

Photographs (a,b,e,f) and interpretive drawings (c,d,g,h) of the anterior caudal vertebra of the holotype (UNCUYO-LD 301) (a,c,e,g) and the first five anterior caudal vertebrae of the referred specimen (UNCUYO-LD 302) (b,d,f,h) in dorsal (ad) and left lateral (eh) views (e and g reversed). Abbreviations, avr, anteroventral ridge; ns, neural spine; poz, postzygapophysis; prz, prezygapophysis; tp, transverse process. Scale bar, 10 cm.

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