Table 1: Infection rates for TYLCV from reproductive organs and seeds of TYLCV-infected tomato plants, cotyledons and true leaves of their offspring.

From: Tomato yellow leaf curl virus (TYLCV-IL): a seed-transmissible geminivirus in tomatoes

Rate of infectionPetal*Stamen*Pistil*FruitSeed*Embryo and endosperm*CotyledonTrue leaf
Whitefly-mediated inoculation5/55/55/56/66/612/1222/2641/45
(20  100%)(20  100%)(20  100%)(100%)(20  100%)(20  100%)(84.62%)(91.11%)
   (100%)(20  100%)(20  100%)(80.77%)(73.33%)
  1. *These results are from bulked samples with different tissues from five tomato plants shown typical TYLCV symptoms.