Figure 1 : Map and photographs of early tea found in China.

From: Earliest tea as evidence for one branch of the Silk Road across the Tibetan Plateau

Figure 1

(a) Red dots show the location of the Han Yangling Mausoleum in Chang’an and Gurgyam Cemetery in Ngari, with orange lines indicating the routes of the Silk Road. (b) Plan of the Han Yangling Mausoleum and (c) the outer burial pit DK15; the brown material in pit DK15 constitutes plant remains including crops. (d) Sample DK15-1 taken from plant remains found in Pit DK15. (e) Morphological comparison between plant leaves from DK15-1 (e1, 2, 3) and modern green tea buds (e4, 5). (f) Sample XZ-1 taken from Gurgyam Cemetery plant remains. The firgure1a was generated using DIVA-GIS 7.5 ( and Microsoft PowerPoint 2011. The photos in Fig. 1c–f were taken by Houyuan Lu.