Figure 1 : Raw GCM projections of global mean temperature change.

From: Predicting future uncertainty constraints on global warming projections

Figure 1

(a) Decadal mean projections of ΔT with perfect data coverage are shown for each RCP for the 10–90% range of the Gaussian distributions of GCMs (°C; relative to the 1900–1919 mean). The filled and unfilled vertical bars show the corresponding 10–90% ranges of ΔT in the 2090 s with perfect data coverage and with past and sustained current coverage, respectively. (b) Blue crosses indicate decadal mean ΔT (°C) during the 1990 s–2090 s for all GCMs and RCPs with perfect data coverage (vertical axis) and with past and sustained current coverage (the horizontal axis). The black line is the one-to-one line, and the red line is the regression line.