Figure 4 : Effect of mouse IgG induced by vaccination on P. falciparum NF54 parasite infectivity in (A) stephensi mosquitoes.

From: Enhancing immunogenicity and transmission-blocking activity of malaria vaccines by fusing Pfs25 to IMX313 multimerization technology

Figure 4

Total IgG was purified from pooled day 70 serum from mice vaccinated with ChAd63-MVA expressing Pfs25 or Pfs25-IMX313 (A), or day 62 pooled serum from mice that received three doses of 2.5 μg Pfs25 or Pfs25-IMX313 formulated in Alhydrogel (B). The purified IgG was mixed with P. falciparum NF54 cultured gametocytes and fed to A. stephensi mosquitoes (n = 20 per test group) in SMFA. Midguts were dissected 7 days post-feeding. Data points represent the number of oocysts in individual mosquitoes and the lines show the arithmetic mean. IgG from vector immunized mice and OVA protein immunized mice were used as negative control for (A,B) respectively. The tables show the mean number of oocysts per mosquito and percentage of transmission reducing activity with p-value. (C) The square root of anti-Pfs25 specific IgG level in the feeder is shown on the x-axis. The ratio of mean oocyst counts in control and test samples are plotted on a log scale along the left y-axis, and the associated % TRA is plotted along the right y-axis. The same data as (C) for the protein-in-adjuvant vaccination study is plotted in (D).