Table 1 Antimicrobial susceptibility of the two C. difficile ribotype 027 isolates identified in this study.

From: The First Two Clostridium difficile Ribotype 027/ST1 Isolates Identified in Beijing, China–an Emerging Problem or a Neglected Threat?

Antimicrobial agents Resistant breakpoint (μg/mL) MIC (μg/mL)/category
Erythromycin ≥8b ≥256/R ≥256/R
Ciprofloxacin ≥8b 128/R 64/R
Clindamycin ≥8a 256/R 128/R
Levofloxacin ≥8b 256/R 128/R
Meropenem ≥16a 2/S 2/S
Metronidazole ≥32a 1/S 1/S
Piperacillin/tazobactam ≥128/4a 4/4/S 4/4/S
Rifampicin ≥4b ≥256/R ≥256/R
Rifaximin ≥16b ≥256/R ≥256/R
Tetracycline ≥16a 0.125/S ≤0.064/S
Vancomycin ≥32b 2/S 2/S
  1. Abbreviations: MIC, minimum inhibitory concentration; S: susceptible; R: resistant.
  2. aBreakpoints per CLSI document M100-S25.
  3. bBreakpoints per Huang et al.49.