Figure 6 : Phenocopying of other Brassica vegetables by BC2 progeny.

From: Interspecific hybridization, polyploidization, and backcross of Brassica oleracea var. alboglabra with B. rapa var. purpurea morphologically recapitulate the evolution of Brassica vegetables

Figure 6

(a) A BC2 plant (BC2-15-10) generated enlarged bulbs (red arrow) that resemble kohlrabi. (b) A BC2 plant (BC2-55-5) produced axillary bud balls (red arrow) characteristic of Brussels sprouts. (c) BC2 plants (BC2-34-3 and BC2-29-13) with a phenotype nearly identical to landraces of pakchoi. (d) A BC2 plant (BC2-20-12) produced leaves that folded inward (red arrow), a fundamental trait for developing the leafy head found on Chinese cabbages and other cabbages. Photographs were taken by Zhang X. and Li X.