Figure 1 : The F1 hybrid of B. oleracea var. alboglabra and B. rapa L. var. purpurea.

From: Interspecific hybridization, polyploidization, and backcross of Brassica oleracea var. alboglabra with B. rapa var. purpurea morphologically recapitulate the evolution of Brassica vegetables

Figure 1

(a) Inflorescences and flowers; (b) Chromosome microscopy of root tip cells from the F1 hybrid plant, n = 19; (c) Plants at the vegetative growth stage; (d) Rosette leaves. (e) Chromosome specific SSR analysis of F1 plant, Ba, B. oleracea var. alboglabra; Br, B. rapa L. var. purpurea; C1–C9 and A1–A10 labeled on right side of lanes indicat corresponding chromosomes, bold alphanumeric characters below each gel indicate the SSR markers. Photographs were taken by Zhang X. and Li X.