Table 1: BDNF ELISA Kits.

From: A method for reproducible measurements of serum BDNF: comparison of the performance of six commercial assays

CompanyAviscera-BioscienceBiosensisMilliporeMilliporePromegaR&D System
KIT NameHuman BDNF ELISABDNF RapidTM ELISAChemiKineTMMilliplex®BDNF Emax® Immuno-Assay SystemQuantikine®
Principle of the assaySandwich ELISASandwich ELISASandwich ELISALuminex®/xMAP® technologySandwich ELISASandwich ELISA
Sensitivity (pg/ml)5–827.82.515.620
Range of detection (pg/ml)23–15007.8–5007.8–50012–500007.8–50062.5–4000
BDNF standardHuman recombinantHuman recombinantHuman recombinantMix of BDNF 12500 pg +ProlactinBDNF standard (type not declared)Human recombinant
Coating/capture AntibodyPre-coated α-BDNF antibody (not type declared)Pre-coated α-BDNF antibody (mouse monoclonal)Pre-coated α-BDNF antibody (mouse monoclonal)Mix of: magnetic beads coated with α-BDNF Ab OR α-Prolactin(types not declared)Manually coating with α-BDNF Ab (mouse monoclonal)Pre-coated α-BDNF antibody (mouse monoclonal)
Primary detection antibodyBiotinilated α-BDNF antibody (type not declared)Biotinilated α-BDNF antibody (mouse monoclonal)Biotinilated α-BDNF antibody (mouse monoclonal)Mix of: Biotinilated α-BDNF antibody AND α-Prolactin (type not declared)α-BDNF Ab (chicken polyclonal)α-BDNF antibody (mouse monoclonal)-HRP conjugated
Type of secondary detectionStreptavidin-HRP conjugateStreptavidin-HRP conjugateStreptavidin-HRP conjugateStreptavidin-Phycoerythrin conjugateAnitibody α-IgY-HRP conjugated/
Sample dilution suggested1:40 - 1:801:50 - 1:2001:2 – to user optimization1:101:4 – to user optimization1:20 at least
Declared species cross-reactivityOnly humanHuman, mouse, rat and othersHuman and ratOnly humanNot specifiedOnly human
Processing time6–7 hours3–4 hours21–22 hours19–20 hours23–24 hours4–5 hours
  1. Description and main characteristics of the tested BDNF ELISA kits, as declared by the manufacturers.