Figure 3 : Inter-assay variation of the Aviscera-Bioscience, Biosensis and Millipore-ChemikineTM kits over a third replica.

From: A method for reproducible measurements of serum BDNF: comparison of the performance of six commercial assays

Figure 3

Scatter plots show the BDNF values distribution measured by the same operator on three different days for each brand. Distributions for Day 1 and Day 2 are the same as Fig. 2, here reported for comparison; distributions for Day 3 were obtained 1 year after Day 2, using a plate of a different lot (serum samples were stored at −80 °C). The reproducibility was checked performing one-way ANOVA for repeated measures and post-hoc Bonferroni correction applied when a significant comparison was found. P values and cumulative CVs expressed in percentage are given.