Figure 3 : Assay sensitivity and quantitative evaluation using DNA and RNA.

From: A novel multiplex isothermal amplification method for rapid detection and identification of viruses

Figure 3

Assay detection sensitivity and fluorescent measurement was investigated using serial dilutions of hepatitis-B virus (HBV) DNA and hepatitis C virus (HCV) RNA. Amplification was performed utilizing the TET/BHQ1-tagged fluorogenic oligonucleotide of HBV DNA and the Texas-Red/BHQ2-tagged fluorogenic oligonucleotide for HCV RNA. (A) Results revealed assay detection of 50 IU/rxn of HBV DNA (Panel 1, lane 7) and 102 IU/rxn of HCV RNA (Panel 2, lane 4) as confirmed by the presence of banding pattern. (B) Fluorimetric measurement revealed higher RFUs of HBV DNA serial dilutions in tubes 3–8 as compared with the controls in tubes 1 and 2 (Panel 1) and higher RFUs of HCV RNA dilutions in tubes 3–5 as compared with the controls in tubes 1 and 2 (Panel 2). Note the absence of banding patterns, but higher RFU in tube 8 (panel 1) and tube 5 (panel 2). (C) Graphs showed fluorescence detection peak of amplified products in both panels. RFU = Relative Fluorescence Units; UV = ultraviolet naked-eye visualization.