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Figure 4

From: Arsenic stress after the Proterozoic glaciations

Figure 4

Sedimentary arsenic dynamics through geological time, showing trends in shales and IF deposits (see supplementary Table 1 for source of data).

Red filled rings, IFs. Black rings, shale estimates. Unfilled rings, a mid-Proterozoic siliciclastic/sandstone reference deposit. I–VI represents key stages discussed in the text. High marine As concentrations (log As/Fe ratios >0.001) are not typical of modern marine concentrations. They are for shallow submarine hydrothermal sediments at Milos where vent fluids can contain >3000 times more As than seawater25. We did not find any significant differences between As/Fe molar ratios for shales and IFs of coeval ages and between sulfidic and non-sulfidic samples.

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