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Figure 2

From: Arsenic stress after the Proterozoic glaciations

Figure 2

Arctic Ocean sediment Mn and As concentrations for the Lomonosov Ridge (1003 m water depth, 87°05.9′N, 144°46.4′E).

(a) High resolution total MnO data showing low glacial and high interglacial oscillations, adapted from ref. 33. (b–f) Subsampled Mn fluctuations in sequentially extracted Fe-Mn fractions. Stippled gray lines are potential warm intervals (interglacials) as demonstrated in ref. 33. (g) Average Mn and As concentration in sequential extracts. (h) Mn and As covariation down the core. The decoupling between As and Mn seen at ~100 cm is associated to diagenetic Mn overprinting35 and is therefore considered anomalous. Because the ICP-OES detection limit for Mn was 22 times above that of As, only points where both Mn and As were unambiguously detected are included in the data.

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