Table 1: Correlation values between the model current at 5m depth and the drift data for the 2010 season.

From: Assimilation of the seabird and ship drift data in the north-eastern sea of Japan into an operational ocean nowcast/forecast system

 w/o t10w t10
seabird drift (N = 976)0.631 (0.309)0.677 (0.292)
buoy drift (N = 124)0.417 (0.466)0.655 (0.381)
seabird drift modified by regressed value from wind (N = 976)0.625 (0.310)0.672 (0.293)
  1. ‘w/o’ (‘w’) means the data assimilation cases without (with) the seabird drift. Bold font denotes statistically significant correlation with a two-tailed P value < 0.05. Numerics in parentheses indicate RMSE in m s−1. ‘N’ indicates a number of each data.