Figure 2 : Model current distributions at 5m depth averaged during the target period.

From: Assimilation of the seabird and ship drift data in the north-eastern sea of Japan into an operational ocean nowcast/forecast system

Figure 2

Left (right) panels indicate the results without (with) the assimilation of the seabird drift in the 2010 season (a), the seabird drift in the 2011 season (b), and the ship drift in the 2014 season (c). The composite drift data are represented by the blue colored vectors. Difference larger than 0.1 m s−1 in magnitude of the flows with and without the assimilation is indicated by the red colored vectors in the left panels. Numerics at the top of the figure denote the period. These figures were created by using the Grid Analysis and Display System (GrADS) Version 2.0.