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Figure 2

From: When cells divide: Label-free multimodal spectral imaging for exploratory molecular investigation of living cells during cytokinesis

Figure 2

MCR imaging of HCT116 cells in interphase and cytokinesis.

(a) Intrinsic spectra of the five components (1–5) assumed in the MCR of the entire Raman hyperspectral imaging data that combine all the ten HCT116 cells studied. The spectra have been vector normalized so that the sum of their components is equal to unity. (b) Optical images of representative six HCT116 cells ((AC) nondividing cells; and (DF) dividing cells) and intensity distribution maps of MCR components 1–4 for the selected cells. The MCR images are displayed in rainbow pseudocolor with red representing the highest intensity and purple the lowest. The same color scale applies to images of each component. Imaging experiments were performed by raster scanning the sample at 1 μm intervals with a piezoelectric nanopositioning stage. A 1-s exposure time per position and 3-mW laser power were used. See Methods for experimental details. The scale bar measures 10 μm and applies to all images.

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