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Figure 5

From: A cost-effective system for differentiation of intestinal epithelium from human induced pluripotent stem cells

Figure 5

DE induced by 6.25 ng/ml of Activin and DMSO further differentiated into enterocytes.

The ability of DE obtained by treatment with a low dose of Activin and DMSO to differentiate into enterocytes was characterized. (A) hiPS cell-derived cells expressed the intestinal transporter, PEPT1, at day 12. (B) Intestinal epithelium formed a dome-like structure, which resembles enterocyte morphology, at day 15. (C–E) These cells showed alkali phosphatase activity (ALP) (C) and expressed enterocyte markers, by immunocytochemistry (D) or RT-PCR (E). (G) β-Lys-Ala (AMCA) intake assayed at day 15. For primer sequences used, see Supplementary Table S1. The gels were cropped; for full gel images, see Supplementary Fig. 6. Scale bar; (A) 50 μm, (B–D) 100 μm. FI; Fetal Intestine. AI; Adult Intestine.

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