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Figure 4

From: Integrated network model provides new insights into castration-resistant prostate cancer

Figure 4

A comparison of the simulated control effects with the 4 datasets from GEO and the data from TCGA portal for some selected genes.

“Controlling Genes” (18 genes) are labeled vertically; “Controlled Genes” (28 genes) are labeled horizontally. The effects on the Controlled Genes through the perturbation of each Controlling Gene are indicated by the corresponding row. Green color indicates that there is at least 1 dataset conformed to our controlling simulation and yellow color indicates that there are no dataset conformed with our controlling simulation. The number in each square grid indicates the consistent rate. For example, 4(3) means that there are 4 datasets showed obviously differences with Fold-change analysis and among these 4 sets, 3 showed consistency with our controlling simulation.

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